When a dream shutters

Imploding within itself;
Swallowed by the unknown monsters of the night;
But still daydreaming;
Daydreaming of the life lost;
Though never lived

Dream flowing with the sand;
Because all water has evaporated;
Dream dinning with the sharks;
Even though she was just a little mermaid;

I should have taught her to swim;
Pity I couldn’t swim myself;
So we both drowned;
We both died;
But still exist.

Exiting in thought, memory and heart;
But still shattered;
Rather than a billion pieces of glass;
It’s just dust;
Can’t be re-united unless burnt, watered and re-moulded;
But will never be the same.

With heat, form changes;
But with us, it is just consumed;
Within a mould, clay get shaped;
Within my mind, the dream just disappears.

When a dream shatters;
It just shatters, no 2nd takes;
No rematch;
Just game over

2 Responses to “When a dream shutters”
  1. vivid capture of shattered dreams, you rock.

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