U NGA RILI! (Xitsonga)

U nga rili! Mpama wa Afrika; Xihuhuri xa le dzongeni; Xilombe xa le n’wa lungwini; U tove hi yini U ngo rila unga biwangi; U vone yini? U ngo bokomula unga tlhaviwangi hi muntwa; Va lo ku orhelisa yini? Ina, Va Ntswari-wa-handle va ta ku hembela; Va ku yenga hi rifuwo na ntivo; va ku … Continue reading

NO NAME (Disjointed)

Chocked with tears; The soul still taste a bliss of life; Though meeting the complexities of the world; The skies still resembles the complexion of hope Disclaiming the remarkable juicy side of life, lasting memories of the hard teachings of life remains; mistaken for a curse, there goes away our hope; Yet like an eagle, … Continue reading


the-perfect-poet-award-4-poets-rally-week-41 I’ve been meaning to send sweet words; To whisper hearty choruses; To recite from my heart; To let go of my camouflage; Most of the times, I held back. But the closet is getting a bit too small for me; My chest cannot silence this pounding anymore; But I know I’m not the only … Continue reading


Just one look at you, Is all I need to begin the prayer; I see your red eyes sinking down the holes in your face; disappearing deep into your bony self; though big and scary, it’s still a sign of life All flesh is wiped out; Your complexion is nothing but a ghost; Knees are … Continue reading


It used to be real; it used to come alive with every thought of you; with every smile, giggle, and voice; it came to life. But as dew, it faded away; all I’m left with are crumbles of a dream; It used to sustain me; Give me hope when all was lost; But, it was … Continue reading