Just one look at you,
Is all I need to begin the prayer;
I see your red eyes sinking down the holes in your face;
disappearing deep into your bony self;
though big and scary, it’s still a sign of life

All flesh is wiped out;
Your complexion is nothing but a ghost;
Knees are nothing but worn out capsules;
Your pain is visible at all angles;
Your beauty is deeply overshadowed by this gruelling pain;

Though its ironic how you remain so strong;
Hope and Faith are still your best friends,
Most probably the only ones you’ve got;
Every dawn brings in a new struggle;
As always you’re ready to fight;
To wrestle off, so you can see another;

Sometimes I am tempted to ask the Lord to take you away;
But a selfish me wish you can stay around longer;
Hopefully get better; we could sail the world;
have braais below the African skies,
Tell stories of heroes and heroines, Elephants and Rabbits;
Behold the beauty of our land.

*Tribute to big Brother*Miss you* – 11/01/2005

3 Responses to “EYES OF PAIN”
  1. Jingle says:

    sweet tribe your your big brother.
    how thoughtful.

    divine poetry work, bless you…


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