NO NAME (Disjointed)

Chocked with tears;
The soul still taste a bliss of life;
Though meeting the complexities of the world;
The skies still resembles the complexion of hope

Disclaiming the remarkable juicy side of life,
lasting memories of the hard teachings of life remains;
mistaken for a curse, there goes away our hope;
Yet like an eagle, we always learn to fly above death, and still spot the next meal

A traveller of time;
Yet we don’t always reach our goals;
The muscle tendons does sometimes refuse to take us where our hearts are at;
But sometimes the best tactic is to wait;
However, can we let time and chance take charge in the hunt of Destiny?

How did we get to this station?
Had we known from the start,
would we have agreed to go on this adventure?

3 Responses to “NO NAME (Disjointed)”
  1. Jingle says:

    heartfelt words..

    love the flow…

  2. love it, elegant flow..
    Invite you to join poets rally week 42,

    Bless you, your absence is missed.

    Keep up the excellence.

    You Rock!

    let you know that you win the perfect poet award for week 41, let me know if you take it, detailed information can be found via email, sent to you.

    cheers, hope to see you in,

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