It used to be real;
it used to come alive with every thought of you;
with every smile, giggle, and voice;
it came to life.

But as dew, it faded away;
all I’m left with are crumbles of a dream;
It used to sustain me;
Give me hope when all was lost;
But, it was just a dream.

Now it’s got no aroma;
No flavour, No presence;
Not even a shadow;
just a few billion pieces of a dream.

More often than not the pieces are hardly found within a lifetime of each other,
yet when the pieces do happen to find each other,
we merely dismiss it as Fantasy;
I am no exception.

But, this time it shuttered so badly;
A puzzle champ would not piece it together again in this eternity;
memories are its only props;
Only pain keeps it beating;
but still, its shuttered.

I’m just left with pieces of a dream;
A dead dream;
Dead in the soul, dead in hope.


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