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I’ve been meaning to send sweet words;
To whisper hearty choruses;
To recite from my heart;
To let go of my camouflage;
Most of the times, I held back.

But the closet is getting a bit too small for me;
My chest cannot silence this pounding anymore;
But I know I’m not the only one;
I felt your heart synchronised to my heart beat last night;
And it felt as if it could pop out at any moment and beat from my palm.

Wont you come over;
for just one more flight;
who cares if we crush;
who cares if we fail;
for no one else feels what I’m feeling right now.

They have no idea of the revolution raging in my mind, soul and heart;
I swore I’ll never give in to love like this;
I’d sworn there will never be a time when m heart speaks louder than my head;
I guess some promises are meant to be broken.

Just not this time, I snooze, my head win;
The heart looses again!

Next please!!!!!

14 Responses to “SNOOZE, CRASH & BURN”
  1. Shakespear would be so jealous! Bravi!
    Happy rally!

  2. superb wording..
    beautiful style..

    invite you join poets rally.
    visit me for details…

  3. megzone says:

    lovely 😀
    i liked it a lottt 😀

  4. ashbeezone says:

    Lovely Poetry
    Here’s Mine STUFF

    !! }{APPY RALLY !! xD

  5. Jamie Dedes says:

    Ha! We have all sworn that at one time or another. Chuckle.

    Well done and well considered. Enjoyed much.

    Welcome to Rally. Have fun with visitors and visits and poem on …

  6. Jingle says:

    very well conveyed sentiments, keep it up.

    • Esteban says:

      this is so direct & powerful
      in its simplicity

      enjoyed it much

      power to the poet
      my brother


      • vululami says:

        Thanks Este. simplicity is by default since I’m not a poet in the technical sense. I’m a fan of street poetry and I think I found a home finally. Thanks all.

  7. Poets Rally says:


    Hope all is well.

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    Respect and hugs.

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