Love Struck

Hearts pumping; Feet standing ready; Lips ready to move; Someone sees stars; It starts drizzling; Then it rains fireworks; After that, speechless It must have been a love strike Advertisements

Sky Dive

As I dive into the wilderness of thought, I  take a moment to exhale, to behold the thrill of a fall, to feel the swinging rope tighten on  my ankle. My heart stop, pause and restart, but the beat will take a while to re-synchronise again, luckily the backup plan works, without hindrance of any significant … Continue reading


Red as sunset; Soft as snow; Flashing like stars; Bright as the sun; Tumbling past a forest of leaves; But without leaving a trace.   As it hits the aromatic dark soil; That cushion it against hard landing; We get a reminder about Africa; About the selfless generosity of the afro-soul; Beauty personified.   Fallen … Continue reading


Once a fortress where we sought refuge; Now the crumbles just came m down the hill; At least the speed of the free fall resembles a giant that it was once was; Pity the trees and slopes pay the ultimate price; As it reaches the foot, a loud bang; And its over; Just crumbles left.

NO NAME (Disjointed)

Chocked with tears; The soul still taste a bliss of life; Though meeting the complexities of the world; The skies still resembles the complexion of hope Disclaiming the remarkable juicy side of life, lasting memories of the hard teachings of life remains; mistaken for a curse, there goes away our hope; Yet like an eagle, … Continue reading


the-perfect-poet-award-4-poets-rally-week-41 I’ve been meaning to send sweet words; To whisper hearty choruses; To recite from my heart; To let go of my camouflage; Most of the times, I held back. But the closet is getting a bit too small for me; My chest cannot silence this pounding anymore; But I know I’m not the only … Continue reading


Just one look at you, Is all I need to begin the prayer; I see your red eyes sinking down the holes in your face; disappearing deep into your bony self; though big and scary, it’s still a sign of life All flesh is wiped out; Your complexion is nothing but a ghost; Knees are … Continue reading


It used to be real; it used to come alive with every thought of you; with every smile, giggle, and voice; it came to life. But as dew, it faded away; all I’m left with are crumbles of a dream; It used to sustain me; Give me hope when all was lost; But, it was … Continue reading

When a dream shutters

Imploding within itself; Swallowed by the unknown monsters of the night; But still daydreaming; Daydreaming of the life lost; Though never lived Dream flowing with the sand; Because all water has evaporated; Dream dinning with the sharks; Even though she was just a little mermaid; I should have taught her to swim; Pity I couldn’t … Continue reading


   A deep cut through my soul. pass my heart. over passing my ‘spirit’ a cut so deep a ruler can’t measure. so painful mofin can’t sooth. so high all means of projection aren’t enough. the Englishmen says first cut is the deepest, I beg to differ. my mom taught me that the Second lash … Continue reading