A deep cut through my soul. pass my heart. over passing my ‘spirit’ a cut so deep a ruler can’t measure. so painful mofin can’t sooth. so high all means of projection aren’t enough. the Englishmen says first cut is the deepest, I beg to differ. my mom taught me that the Second lash … Continue reading


  It must have been my lucky day After a million years of overcast nights Terrible darkness And cold nights Finally my shooting star traversed my life Though at the speed faster than light, I saw the glimpse of its glory Shinning amongst the galaxies, It is still brighter than them all My shooting star … Continue reading


      Of what had been What could have been How it could have been All bright and beautiful   Shadows of smiles, laughter and bliss. Of affection, perfection and passion. Of fulfillment and contentment. Of the realm of calm creations of my own mind.   Shadows of victories, Of peace; Of greatness; Of … Continue reading

Silent Storm

  It’s an Opaque picture of gruelling pain and discomfort of fearful unknowns. Distorted in cans of deals with no prospect of being “broad” Fractured into pieces, to disguise the harm. It is also oblique in its approach, piecing through truth.   Immense false pride of having given to the needy. Gory discoveries clothed in … Continue reading

Tell me what you feel, Tell me how you do!

You invade my dreams every night, By-Passing my complex intellectual and logical security systems. You hold my dreams hostage. All I see is your sparkling eyes, Your broad smile. All I hear are your giggling and murmerings. All I want to think about is you. All my hands want to feel, Is your curvacious body … Continue reading